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Instant messaging. Frictionless sales.

QuickChat is an instant messaging tool that connects prospects directly to real salespeople, that’s it.
No bots. Nothing to download.
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Real-time responses only.

Emails take time. Phone calls take time. So we’re taking over. Add a QuickChat link to any correspondence with prospects, and they’ll be able to respond with an instant message sent directly to a salesperson.

No bots allowed.

Selling is a job for humans. QuickChat put prospects on one end and salespeople on the other, with no bots or automated menus in the middle. That means prospects feel seen, heard, and well taken care of.

Power to the prospects.

Let your leads reach out to salespeople with their own needs, on their own time. They’ll get the same salesperson every time they chat, so no one needs to catch up on previous conversations.

Time is our essence.

Answer questions from prospects quickly and efficiently, leaving them less time to check out competitors. Loyalty is built right into the equation.

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